Czech Republic: Moravian-Silesian

Capital City: Ostrava
Population: 1 260 503
Languages: Czech

Angus Breeders: 4

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Breeders in Moravian-Silesian

Švéda Jan Ing., pan

Švéda Jan Ing., panCzech Republic Nad Březinkou760 01 Zlín Contact: Švéda Jan Ing. Phone: 067/7219486

Kotajny Gustav, pan

Kotajny Gustav, panCzech Republic Ko┼łakov 34735 62 český Těšín Contact: Kotajny Tomáš Phone: 558732327 Fax: 558732046 e-mail:

Starý Karel, pan

Starý Karel, panCzech Republic Na celné 12/1361150 00 Praha 5 Contact: farma Kahov-Třemšín Phone: 388319991 257324329 604709660 e-mail:

Vetlabfarm s.r.o., pan

Vetlabfarm s.r.o., pan Czech Republic Plachty 12 A 634 00 Brno Contact: Illek Josef .Doc.MVDr. Phone: 05/47246859

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