Czech Republic: Central Bohemian

Capital City: Kladno
Population: 1 284 629
Languages: Czech

Angus Breeders: 5

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Breeders in Central Bohemian

Chudárek Michal, pan

Chudárek Michal, panCzech Republic Zvěstovice 55264 01 Sedlčany Contact: Chudárek Michal Phone: 318865380

Mihalič Milan, pan

Mihalič Milan, panCzech Republic Obránc┼» míru 1300250 01 Stará Boleslav Contact: Mihalič Milan Phone: 326911840


STATEK AdámekCzech Republic čelina 1262 03 Nový Knín Contact: žid Milan Phone: 0305/593745

Velkostatek Tetín s.r.o., spol.

Velkostatek Tetín s.r.o., spol.Czech Republic Tetín 1266 01 Beroun Contact: Gottwald Miroslav Phone: 311622341 Fax: 311611341

Zaoral Petr, pan

Zaoral Petr, panCzech Republic čabová 25793 05 Moravský Beroun Contact: Zaoral Petr Phone: 0646/733 356

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